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Barkworthies Beef Rib Bones are great nutrient-dense chews for small to medium-sized dogs. Barkworthies bones are baked with pieces of meat and tendon still attached. Barkworthies Bones provide your dog with a highly digestible source of calcium. Calcium intake is crucial for a dog’s body to maintain strong bones and teeth. These bones are also rich in iron and zinc which helps a dog's body fight off infection and maintain a healthy immune system. Barkworthies bones are hearty, durable chews that will give dogs hours of chewing satisfaction as well as cleaner teeth. They’re great for all types of chewers and different sizes are available for all breeds. Barkworthies bones are additive-free, chemical-free, and preservative-free, just like all Barkworthies chews and treats.

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