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Furrever Devoted Medicated Dog Shampoo is a veterinary formula for aid in relief of itchy, irritated, dry, dandruff, dermatitis and scaling skin. This medicated dog shampoo contains botanical extracts of natural chamomile and aloe vera to condition and protect the skin and coat. Excellent for routine bathing to control body odors. Furrever Devoted knows that bathing your dog can be stressful, but dogs feel so good when they are clean! Dogs know when they look good too. That makes everyone happy! Furrever Devoted found a way to make water sheet off faster so bathing takes less time - less stress for you and your dog. It saves a little water too!This dog shampoo is recommended for Terriers, Spaniels, Shih Tzus, Schnauzers, Shar Peis, Llasa Apsos, and dogs with skin problems.

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