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CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Heaven Biscuits are deliciously nutritious treats for adult dogs! When nutritional specialists created these new grain and gluten free recipes, they didn’t stop at the basics. Unique Duck and Chickpeas recipe also features wholesome sesame seeds, nutritious avocado oil, and extraordinary turmeric. These new treats are also perfectly sized for all adult dogs. And they easily snap in half so you can treat dogs of all breeds and sizes or use as a training reward! Healthy CANIDAE® biscuits also clean teeth and freshen breath. Spend some quality time with your best friend and give them these great-tasting 100% grain free snacks from CANIDAE. Wholesome Sesame Seeds: A delicious, wholesome source of vitamins and minerals and one of the first seed crops ever cultivated by humans. They are even included in a list of medicinals dated to be 3,600 years old! Nutritious Avocado Oil: Coveted by chefs, avocado oil is not only delicious, it has a blend of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids making it a great addition to an already healthy snack.

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